A Unique Family of Companies
Operating in a Variety of Industries around the Globe.

Indel, Inc. is the management service company for a unique family of engineering and technology-based companies that manufacture a diverse line of products, with a primary focus on the metals industry. These companies are divided into two groups — the Inductotherm Group and the Diversified Technology Group. We are committed to excellence in products, service and support to our customers and our employees. For our companies, this is not just a slogan; it is our philosophy and the very core of our existence.

From their earliest beginnings to the international presence they have today, our companies have maintained a strong foundation of excellence in engineering, a corporate commitment to our employees, and a resolve to help our customers reach their goals.

Today, many of the companies within these two Groups are worldwide leaders in their fields. Whether manufacturing industrial or consumer equipment, expanding the range of technology, or finding new ways to meet customers' needs, every one of our companies continues to strive for the standards of excellence that began over 50 years ago to build our reputation as a proud, world-class organization.

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Inductotherm Group Diversified Technologies

We believe that engineering is the lever that moves modern technology. You'll find abundant examples of that in all of our companies—as well as a fierce dedication to research and development, and imaginative people who believe that the "impossible" is simply a problem waiting for a solution.

Take advantage of our commitment, our expertise and our history of helping companies achieve their potential. If your future depends on well-engineered and well-manufactured products, contact us.


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